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1 Crucial Mistake Most Of Us Make When Exercising

So you’ve decided to start hitting up the gym and exercise. Congrats! Making the decision to improve yourself is always the first step. One mistake that many make however is not doing a proper routine BEFORE starting their exercise. And as simple as it may seem, it is definitely important for everyone. That is the act of stretching.

Stretching before and after a workout

Just like preparing for anything else, preparing your body before a workout is very beneficial. It could even make exercising a little easier. There are several types of stretching but knowing which type to do may be confusing. The best type of stretching to do before a workout is dynamic. But how does it help you exactly? It can increase core temperature and blood flow raising the awareness in your body. You’re essentially getting your muscles ready for the workout that is about to be done which can help increase power. Depending on the workout you do, can change the type of stretches you do as well. So here are some examples of dynamic stretching:

  • jumping jacksWalking Lunges, Dynamic Stretches
  • walking lunges
  • butt kicks
  • arm circles


AFTER your workout, it’s just as important to stretch. Static stretching is beneficial for this because it can actually help relax your muscles, especially for the next day! When you wake up feeling so sore from the day before, doing these stretches can help reduce the pain. Just remember with these, you want to be as relaxed as possible. This makes static stretches pretty simple and basic so don’t overdo it. Once you feel the stretch in your muscle you should be good, don’t strain yourself. On a side note, if you’re already very flexible, you don’t really need to stretch. Examples of static stretches:

  • quadriceps stretch
  • shoulder stretch
  • hamstring stretch
  • groin stretch

Quick Reminder: When stretching remember NOT to hold your breath during stretches.

Static Stretching, After workout