Best workout classes for toning

Best Workout Classes for Toning your Body

If you haven’t seen our exercise plan yet, you can download it here below. On the other hand, even with all the countless exercises you can do at home, you will get the best results in taking a class. Whether you workout with a friend or join a class, it’s important to have someone to hold you accountable.

Exercise plan to download

If there are local gyms nearby it would be a beneficial to your progress in wanting to lose weight. Find out any classes that are offered to help you get started. Some classes take place around twice a week. You can pick and choose which fit best around your schedule. Remember, if there is an open time available DON’T skip it if it means waking up earlier or staying around later. These classes could change your life and the way you carry yourself. It can be an excellent way to get more exercise ideas and what areas of the body they target. Not only that, but the instructor can correct your form so you get the best results possible.

Types of Classes



These classes last about 45 minutes and are a kind of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). It’s designed to help you increase endurance and stamina to burn more calories during AND after the workout! You do a total of 8 exercises for 20 seconds each 8 times with about a 10 second resting period between.

Suspension Training

Suspension Training

Here you’ll be able to do multi-planar exercises that can help enhance movement, fitness and performance overall. The goals are to be able to develop balance, flexibility, strength, and even joint stability. You’ll work on functional movements that places its demand on the body’s core and dynamic positions by suspending the body on a system of ropes and webbing.



A core training class that focuses on improving strength, balance, and flexibility of your muscles that control the spine and trunk. You’ll also be able to practice breathing exercises to have a strong mind and body connection.


piyo live

If you love listening to music while working out then this would be an excellent choice! It’s a music-driven class that incorporates mind and body practices of Pilates and yoga which can increase flexibility. You could also be doing strength training, conditioning and dynamic movements. It can definitely help reduce stress and improve overall fitness no matter what level you’re starting out at!

Turbo Sculpt

Turbo sculpt

Working the major muscle groups in both your upper and lower body it’s a good way to get the full body workout. You’ll be able to stabilize and strengthen the core muscle groups while doing a variety of exercises using body weight, resistance equipment, and stability balls.