What-is-the Best-Time-of-Day-to-Exercise/Work-Out?

What is the Best Time of Day to Exercise/Work Out?

So what is the best time of day to exercise/work out exactly? To be honest there is no exact time in the day that is the most effective for EVERYONE. Some of us tend to be morning people. On the other hand, others of us hit the snooze button wanting more time in bed. In reality you have to be able to choose a time in the day that works for you and your schedule. The catch? You HAVE to commit to it.

Make Exercising a Habit

Once you have made a decision, the best way to stick with it is to do it everyday. You can’t settle on two or maybe three days a week. If you truly want to lose the weight and stay on track working out, then do it for thirty days straight. It’s the best way to make this a new habit into your daily life. It will be hard at first but setting reminders or even finding a friend who will also stay committed can be the way to make this happen. When choosing someone make sure they won’t be busy and keep putting it off for another time. Of course some prefer to work out alone or if it’s possible hire a personal trainer. Just keep in mind to remind yourself and stay consistent.

Another thing to consider is the difficulty of your work out. Don’t start off with something demanding and tough. Keep it simple. Although it wouldn’t be wise to start off too simple. You can’t quit from boredom. The more challenging the work out the better results you will see. Keep in mind what level you are at however and what your capabilities are. Negative thoughts won’t do any good. Remind yourself of the benefits and the change that will come from the results. Stop the negative thinking with positive things. Keep yourself motivated and see the change YOU want.