The Best Easy Christmas Treats

The holidays are always a great time. It’s a time when families get together and we celebrate with all our loved ones. In the busy schedules of life these are the moments where everyone can come together, catch up, and just enjoy the company. So sit at home relaxing with some delicious hot chocolate with your favorite mug and read through some ideas you might find interesting for Christmas.

Snowman Christmas Treats

One of the easiest things you could work with is marshmallows. Just start with a popsicle stick, toothpick or anything you can find. Then grab different sized marshmallows, pretzel sticks, different colored m&m’s. Also mini m&m’s for the smile and some frosting. First we’ll start off with placing the largest marshmallow on the stick you have. Next place the second biggest marshmallow and then the smallest at top. After that, put enough frosting on those m&m’s for the eyes, nose, mouth, and buttons in any color of your choice. And last but not least, use those pretzel sticks for the snowman’s arms!

Fruit Christmas Hat

The only ingredients you will be needing for this is strawberries, bananas and mini marshmallows. Once again, use a toothpick to put it all together. First cut off the top of the strawberry removing the leaves. Next slice up the banana and slide that under the strawberry. Make as many as you please. Don’t forget to add the marshmallow on top of the strawberry for the top of the hat. Enjoy making a healthy yet delicious treat.

Brownie Christmas Tree

After making your favorite brownies simply cut them into triangles. Buy some green frosting and spread it all around the top. You can add more m&m’s for some big ornaments and add sprinkles on top for some sparkle! If you have time to make more brownies or have extra,  cut them into tiny squares and decorate with frosting to make tiny presents. Put them together for a delicious Christmas tree along with mini presents under it.

Candy Cane Cookies

Once you have the cookie dough ready add some food coloring and mix it in until you get the desired color. Roll them up as if you were making gummy worms. After finishing, take two strips and intertwine them together and lay them down in the shape of a candy cane. Now eat and enjoy!

Rice Crispy Santa Suit

All you have to do is make the traditional rice crispy treats. After that take different colored frosting to decorate the tops of each piece. You will need red frosting to spread on the top. Create the white strip vertically with more frosting. Then Santa’s belt and buckle horizontally with more colored frosting. Add some brown m&m’s for the buttons and done!

Now that those are done with, you’ll have five easy to do Christmas treats that everyone will love and enjoy eating! Have fun making each one with your family preparing for the big day full of laughs and cheer. Merry Christmas everyone!