What is the best kind of Coconut Oil?

What is the best kind of Coconut Oil?

While there are many different kinds of coconut oils to choose from, the only one who can determine what is the best kind of coconut oil for you is well, you. It all depends on what you will end up using the coconut oil for. There are so many ways in which this oil can be utilized. With its growing popularity, most of the benefits known most are of its hair care, skin care, and weight loss benefits. Yeah that’s right, you can improve your personal care routine with just this one oil. I mean who doesn’t want to have great hair, better skin, and lose some unwanted pounds?

Refined vs. Unrefined

When choosing a coconut oil for you, you will usually come across two kinds. Refined and unrefined coconut oils. RBD is used to describe refined coconut oil because it undergoes a process in which it is refined, bleached, and deodorized. Now from reading that you may come to the conclusion that refined coconut oil must not be as safe or healthy as unrefined coconut oil. That however is untrue. Although this process may strip some nutrients found in the virgin oils, it still keeps the fatty acids needed in the coconut oil in place. Even though most go through this type of process you are still able to obtain refined coconut oils that have been through a more natural process. Refined coconut oils also have less of the actual coconut flavor and smell to it because of this process. So if you are one who wants to add coconut oil to your diet without having the flavor overpower the food, then this would be better to use. Unrefined, or virgin coconut oils are more pure because they are least refined. Virgin coconut oils will have the stronger scent of the coconut. Generally the amount of heat exposed to the oil determines the amount of coconut flavor it will have.

Benefits of Coconut Oil

As stated above, coconut oil is used in hair care, skin care, and weight loss making it all around beneficial to our health. For example it can:

  • improve blood cholesterol levels
  • prevent heart disease
  • boost your immune system
  • treat Alzheimer’s disease
  • ease digestion
  • improves memory
  • help you burn/lose fat
  • keep skin looking young
  • improve skin issues such as dandruff, eczema, etc
  • nourishes your hair

Who knew one jar of coconut oil could hold so many wonders inside it!

If you’re wondering where you should start off, try considering this Viva Labs Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. It will contain more than enough to try out for cooking and your personal care routine!