What is the Best Water to Drink?

The recommended amount of water we are suppose to drink on a daily basis is eight 8-ounce glasses throughout the course of the day. Now I understand not everyone takes pleasure in drinking water. It has no taste and we want flavor. Sure, you could buy artificially flavored water bottles to get yourself to drink more. In the long run though, is it really the best choice? As a matter of fact there is an even better solution to solve your lack of water intake. So what is the best water to drink?

Detox Water, that’s what.

The best water to drink if you prefer a little flavor is detox water! Detox water helps flush out toxins from your body and leave you feeling more refreshed then ever. Not only is it healthy for you but it tastes delicious. I guarantee drinking water will never a dull moment anymore. There are several flavors you can create right at home to give your taste buds what they’ve been asking for. Drinking the recommended eight 8-ounce glasses per day won’t seem like a challenge anymore. You’ve got this.

Making Detox Water at Home

Making detox water isn’t as complicated as it sounds. It’s really very simple. For the most part you should allow your detox water to sit around 1-2 hours at least. This allows the water to get all the healthy nutrients and vitamins needed (and the flavor) in order for this detoxing to work. So after you make your detox water don’t get too excited and try drinking it right away.

There are many ways in which drinking detox water can benefit your health.

Got your attention yet? Don’t let something as easy as this pass you by. Making detox water is both fun and easy. Now that you know the benefits I am sure you are wondering just how can this be and what are the ingredients? Well there are several fruits and vegetables that can be used for the recipes that are so beneficial for your health.

Take this detox water recipe for example. Just add these four ingredients into water: cucumbers, oranges, lemons, and mint leaves. This recipe helps you to naturally slim down and would be great to drink if you’re trying to lose weight. Remember to refrigerate and let sit around 1-2 hours before drinking.


Now that you’ve tried one recipe and liked it, (hopefully) we have two more in store for you.


Remember to refrigerate and let sit around 1-2 hours. Shake well before drinking. If you liked the recipes and would like to see more then just like, comment and share this post. Tell us what you think and what your favorite recipe was.

Drinking water is important in itself, but when you are able to add flavor and improve your health that’s a bonus. So enjoy what nature has to offer. Drink more water, stay hydrated, and stay healthy!