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Big Sister Little Sister Relationship

sister will always love you tomorrow no matter what you do today

Big Sister Love ♥

Who is there when you have no one else to go to? When your friends bail on you? When you can’t tell your parents? When there is literally no one else there to keep you going and you have no idea what to do? Your big sister, that’s who. Big sisters are more than just big sisters. No matter what they are here to stay for life whenever you need them most. They’ve got your back like no other.

From day one they were your best friend. They were the first person you went to play with and have some fun. Remember all the play dates you would have? All the laughter, all the smiles? They were some of your first memories. She knows you better than anyone else given the fact she has literally been your rock. She is the person who keeps you in check and loves you unconditionally.

She’s your best friend.

She was your first friend actually and will forever be the most important friend as well. On those uneventful days when you had absolutely no plans and were bored out of your mind what did you do? That’s right, gave her a call and went off to go have some adventures! Even if you did nothing at all. Just sitting around watching your favorite TV show together was still a good time.


She’s also your wallet..

Now don’t get me wrong, of course you wouldn’t take advantage of her and make her pay for every little thing (or maybe you did) but it sure was nice to be pampered from time to time! When you both hung out together she offered to pay for you. Whether is was getting something to eat on the go, sitting in in a restaurant, going to the movies, or just getting ice cream (basically all things entertainment or food, cause you know, we all love food) she just loved to treat you to something nice.

Mi Casa Es Tu Casa

And by that I mean closet. Especially when you were little growing up you thought your sister was the coolest person in the world! You wanted to be just like her. Maybe you even tried dressing up in matching clothes and she hated it (but got over it). Mom and dad thought it was just adorable of course. But nevertheless, that didn’t stop you from digging around in her closet as you both got older. Once you were able to finally wear her clothes you thought they looked better on you (even if she disagreed).


She’s your therapist.

We have all had our breakdowns where we couldn’t control our emotions and all we wanted to do is cry. The person we most felt comfortable in doing that around was her. She has been through similar things before and understands you so well. Always knowing exactly what to say, giving the best advice and let’s not forget the most amazing, loving hugs ever. You always go to her when you need a shoulder to lean on and she is always there for you.

She’s your tutor.

Not only has she been through everything first, but she has also taken these classes before you. If your parents just didn’t understand the material that was okay, you just had to find your sister and she was there, like always. She would sit down with you and go over any issues until you finally understood for yourself. It was another moment to bond with your beloved big sister and well, it was pretty darn rewarding. Having that moment everything made sense was relieving and you always thanked her for her help.

She’s your third parent

Like we didn’t have enough with two on our backs. But hey, she always had our best interest at heart. She would tell you like it is whether she was hurting your feelings or not. You could always trust her to take care of you and protect you when you yourself were too blind to see what you were doing was wrong. Maybe you both fought about it but at the end of the day she never left your side. She is there through thick and thin.

So don’t forget to appreciate your big sister. Tell her you love her and do something special for her. Make her smile. Never forget all she has done to take care of you. She may be one of the strongest people you know, but even the strongest people need someone to carry them. So always give the support and love she needs.