What to Buy a Man for Valentine’s Day

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, it can seem a little overwhelming in choosing the perfect gift for him. After all, most things at the store might not seem to fit what he likes most. So what do you do? Well don’t panic. Hopefully some of these ideas will work out for what you can get for your special someone. Even if it is last minute.


Jewelry isn’t just for women. There are things out there that are available for men as well. If he’s okay wearing necklaces, you should think about getting something personalized. A dog tag necklace is perfect for just that. Especially at a website like EvesAddiction, you will have many options to choose from. I can say from experience that if you upload a good quality picture, you will be very pleased with the results! You can even have any phrase engraved on the back to make it even more special. There is a character limit of course, so don’t make it too long. And if you’re relationship is getting serious and you both are committed try giving this ring a try.What to get your man on Valentine's Day?

Watches are another good choice. With all the brands out there it can be pretty hard to choose. There’s Tommy Hilfiger, GUESS, Michael Kors, and so many more. This one here is from Fossil. It has a leather calfskin band with a buckle closure and is even water resistant. However it wouldn’t be wise to leave it on during long periods of time in water. Invicta is another great brand. This watch is both stylish and high tech, a perfect fit for any man. Plus you can even go swimming with it on! These are just two different beautiful designs. Of course, you can also personalize a watch. You can personalize a lot of things these days. If you take a look here, you can see that any picture can be added. Just be sure when editing, pictures and text have to stay inside the guidelines.

Wallets & key chains

What to get your man on Valentine's Day?

It’s true you can get these things at any point in the year, but you can always add a surprise with it. If your man doesn’t seem to get rid of that old wallet there are so many places you can pick one up at. Make sure the size of the wallet is just right, especially if they like to pack as much as they can inside. The more pockets inside the better. Even a spot for a picture inside would be a nice touch so whenever he opens his wallet the first thing he sees is you. Same with key chains. Either pick something out that’s his absolute favorite. Sports related, band related, is he an animal lover? You can customize just about anything these days. Pick one out and add a special thing you two say all the time or an important date in your relationship.


If you’re up for making something at home, scrapbooks can be a fun idea. The content will depend on how many pictures you take together. An easy way to print off photos is using an app called Photo Print by Pictarine. All you have to do is choose any photos you have from your phone and place your order. It’s cheap and fast! You’ll be able to pick them up within an hour usually at your local Walgreens. After that, you’ll need to do a little shopping at any store of your choice.


What to get your man on Valentine's Day?

Only you will be able to know just the right thing to get for him and what you’re able to do and get. If you’re a singer, sing him a song. Think about recording yourself so he can listen at any time he wants. Are you an artist? Draw/paint/sculpt something! Be creative! What ever your talent may be, use it. Don’t worry about how grand your gift may be. Remember it’s the thought that counts. So enjoy this Valentine’s Day!