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What is the Best Approach to Weight Loss?

What is the best approach to weight loss? You have now made it as far as declaring that you WILL become a better and healthier you. As a reminder, keep that goal in mind at all times. Whether you choose to make it a reality or let it slip away is entirely up to you. Isn’t it tiring to always wonder if only I had done this sooner or what would it have changed for me? Hold on tight to your goal and fight for what’s desired! So what happens after that?

What is the best approach to weight loss? "Work for it and make what YOU want happen"

 First and foremost, a well balanced diet is the most important thing to losing weight. To achieve this, remember these simple guidelines:

  • Stay hydrated and drink enough water everyday
  • Instead of 3 big meals a day, try 5 meals in smaller portions (counting snacks etc)
  • Starchy foods will give you the energy needed for the day
  • NEVER skip breakfast!
  • Cut down on salt, sugar, and saturated fat
  • Eat plenty of protein

What is the best approach to weight loss? Helpful tips


So here is what the daily meals will generally look like. Breakfast will come first. After some time if you get hungry you can prepare a mid-morning snack. Then eat lunch. After that another mid-afternoon snack. Then finally, dinner. It may seem like a lot at first, but remember, smaller portions are key.

What is the recommended portion? Fortunately, all you have to do is use your hand to measure what is best for you to eat. Foods that are rich in protein should be the size of your palm. Vegetable servings would be the size of your fist, while fruit (carbohydrates) servings is a cupped-hand. Fats will be about the size of your thumb. Typically for men, you will want to do 2 of each one (proteins should be 2 palm sizes). For women it’s as said, one palm size etc.